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Renault 16  0

Renault 16

All information about the generation: Renault 16 A hatchback five-door, – that was unknown until the launch of the R16. For the practical tailgate, the mid-size hybrid had thanks to inclinable back seat a variable...

Renault 15  0

Renault 15

 Renault 15 Play at any price: Renault wanted to jump on the Capri Manta Scirocco wave in the early 1970s and brought on the basis of the R 12 two coupes on the market:...

Citroën 2CV  0

Citroën 2CV

All information about the generation: Citroën 2CV Seldom do concepts like cult and legend fit as well as the Citroën 2CV, which has found around 4 million shoppers and even more lovers over 40...

Renault 14  0

Renault 14

 Renault 14 From 1976 Golf was called in French R 14. The compact Frenchman was the result of a cooperation of Peugeot and Renault – the technique came from Peugeot, body and equipment of...

Renault 12  0

Renault 12

Nothing new in the West: When Renault launched the Renault 12 in 1969, there were no revolutionary innovations. The car should be one thing above all else: robust and functional. Even the design did not let...