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VW Karmann Ghia Type 14  0

VW Karmann Ghia Type 14

 VW Karmann Ghia Type 14 Volkswagen presented the charming coupe for the elegant lady in 1955. It did not really suit VW, but the design of the body Ghia offered by supplier Karmann was...

Volkswagen 1500-1600  0

Volkswagen 1500-1600

All information about the generation: Volkswagen 1500-1600 In 1961, 1500-1600 (Type 3) inherited the over-Volkswagen Beetle. The boxer in the rear was preserved and provided for more space and a reduced engine noise in the...

Horch 930v Convertible on the way  0

Horch 930v Convertible on the way

Recently I was travelling with a Horch 930 V Convertible of the Audi Tradition at the Donau Classic. The nearly 400 kilometers in historic luxury mobile were a perfect preparation for the Classic Days...